Surviving prison in the US

“How to survive in prison in the USA?” If you’re caught in a really bad situation and you end up asking yourself that question, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’ll be staying in one of the United States’ penitentiaries or federal prisons, survival will be your greatest concern.

Situations shown in movies are similar to what is really happening inside, but knowing the basics will help you more. Here are some basic tips that might answer the question: “How to survive in prison in the USA?”

Don’t join any gangs: And do not involve yourself with prisoners who are in a gang. You may think that gangs will save you if you get in trouble or boost your survival rate inside prison, but gangs act differently inside. Gang leaders expect full loyalty from his disciples, and obviously, he is the leader for a reason. He and the other prisoners in the gang can drag you down with them when there is a clash with other gangs.

Do not trust any inmates: You can have friends or someone to talk to, but be sure to trust no one. Other inmates are with you inside the prison for a reason, so be cautious and always watch for your back. As much as possible, only trust yourself and be independent in any situation.

Always respect the prison staff and the prisoners: The staff, including the guards, are the ones who’ll discipline the prisoners. They can make a prisoner’s life easier but they can also make it hell for those they don’t like. As for your fellow prisoners, you don’t have to be friendly with all of them but at least show respect. Another tip is that, do not stare at other inmates. Staring at others will make them angry or irritated; save yourself from that situation and just keep yourself from looking straight into their eyes.

Find a hobby: Whether it is working out or reading books, be sure to have a hobby while you are inside the prison. It will not only make the time fly, but it can also build yourself and strengthen your soul. Draw, read, write or run – do things that you will enjoy while serving your sentence.

Don’t act weak: If you act weak and gullible, they will take advantage of that and use you for their needs. It is true when they say some prisoner’s use others for their sexual needs, and you might want to save yourself from that situation. Act strong and carry yourself as if you can handle tough circumstances, but in a low-key manner so that other inmates won’t think of you as a threat.

Stay away from gambling: Not only will it save your resources but it can also save your life. If you lose, you can end up dead by owing money that you cannot pay. If you win, you can also end up dead by upsetting other prisoners who didn’t win in the bet. Either way, gambling can always be a danger to you, so just stay out of it.

How to survive in prison in the USA? Just live inside the prison with caution and always think of these tips. Life inside the US prison won’t be easy – but if you try hard enough, you’ll most probably survive.

Tips and Techniques to Write a Dissertation to Get the Best Dissertation Results

The task of writing a high quality dissertation is usually cumbersome and difficult for most students because of their lack of knowledge and awareness. Students fail to understand the importance of planning and end up seeking help in writing a dissertation from others. People can avoid the potential problems and pitfalls by following simple and easy tips for completing the perfect dissertation that receives distinction rather than failing or simply passing. Students can use the following failsafe tips and techniques to write a dissertation without any problems or issues.

Plan in advance and prioritize when you want to start writing a high-quality dissertation
Thesis writing is a cumbersome task that involves a considerable amount of time and efforts and usually intimidates the dissertation writers due to the challenges. Most people fail to write a good dissertation primarily due to the lack of planning and prioritizing their time and activities. One of the most important tips for writing a dissertation is to plan ahead and make a schedule of all the activities and tasks. The prioritization will also involve setting priorities for other activities and chores in life. The students have to make a practical and workable schedule according to the tasks and individual components or chapters of the dissertation.

Develop a concept map and outline for all elements of the Dissertation Writing process
The second important technique to write the best dissertation is to develop a concept map in your mind as well as on paper to ensure that you anticipate all of the activities and challenges. The map will serve as a guiding framework for all of the activities and elements in writing a high-quality dissertation that receives a distinction from the supervisor. Preparing an outline for dissertation is also vital because it enables the dissertation writers to understand the various chapters and subheadings that will go into the report.

Developing an Interesting and Intriguing Topic and Research Proposal for Dissertation
The topic and proposal play a vital role in ensuring that you end up with the highest quality dissertation because the research and writing process revolve around the subject area and proposed objectives. You have to ensure that you select a practical and researchable topic that allows you to analyze the problem effectively without a considerable amount of barriers or challenges. The proposal will offer a chance for reviewing the topic and research objectives before you actually start the dissertation writing process.

Recognize the necessary elements and chapters of an excellent dissertation
The failure to identify or understand the specific chapters or sections of a dissertation is a common mistake among students. Most people fail to realize the objectives or content of particular chapters and face challenges due to their lack of knowledge. The primary components of the perfect dissertation include title page, abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents, introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings, conclusion, recommendations, references, and appendices. Professional dissertation writers constantly assert the significance of understanding the objectives and differences among the various sections of the dissertation.

Prioritize and arrange the individual chapters to ensure a high-quality dissertation
Many students fail to grasp the adequate order of the chapters and activities essential for writing the best dissertation for Masters or Doctorate levels. Most people tend to follow the standard ranking or order of chapters rather than prioritizing the sections according to productivity and ease of writing. The abstract is the first section of the dissertation but the writer should write it at after the completion of the dissertation. Students should also leave some sections of the introduction for last because they will have to tweak or change the research questions or objectives after arriving at the conclusions.

Getting professional assistance and help for writing the best dissertation and avoiding failure
The task of writing a good quality thesis is cumbersome and time consuming while the risks are very high for the students. Many students seek professional help for writing a dissertation because they do not want to take the risk of failing and do not know how to receive a distinction on the dissertation. Getting help from professional dissertation writers solves several problems while enables the student to receive the highest grade without worrying about failing.

5 tips to become a good freelance writer

Everyone can write, thus becoming a writer is a simple task. Some people can only write in one language, while others can write in others. But a writer is successful when they can appeal to many audiences. Writing is not difficult, but creating compelling and appealing material is crucial for drawing in clients from various industries.

Steps to start earning money as a freelance writer

Sadly, writing is done alone and it can take a lot of time. If you work along with someone else, then two people’s ideas will clash, and the article will not be generated as you had originally intended. Thus, this task is completed by one person. However, getting assistance from the internet or other sources is never a restriction. You are more than welcome to use other websites or books as resources. Here are a few steps that can potentially help you become a better writer and start earning money.

Make it a hobby
Of course, everyone has expenses to cover, but if you focus on the money rather than the task at hand, your report may suffer. Money is not always everything; other factors must also be taken into consideration. When the amount of work is really small, writers frequently believe that they will produce work of poor quality. If you want your clients to respect you, you must write from the heart and use all of your skills to make sure that the other person reading your writing finds your words appealing.

Produce plagiarism-free content
Plagiarism is unlawful and is equivalent to stealing. A person who plagiarizes does the same thing as a robber who takes all of your money. Plagiarism is the act of taking another person’s words and passing them off as one’s own without acknowledging the source. Google does not support any type of content that contains duplication, which is expressly forbidden. As a result, authors who want to write for the general audience can either utilize their own ideas or use a paraphrase tool, which will assist them rapidly rewriting their text.

Pick up a niche
Many people enjoy writing in a certain specialty. For instance, some ladies enjoy writing about the fashion and cosmetics they enjoy, and they may create more compelling material when the themes are relevant to this area. Choosing a specific topic might occasionally be advantageous because some businesses want writers to write on that same niche repeatedly for business goals. If you choose a niche that appeals to you and make good money from it, you can succeed in this industry.

Target your audience
It is crucial to remember when writing that we are writing for a certain audience who will read the material. When writing for an audience, you must aim your words appropriately. Your target readers will be chefs or women looking for fresh recipes online if you write about food or recipes. The term “target audience” describes a specific group of people that we anticipate will read the content. Knowing your audience before writing is important since a man looking for car parts would never want to read about recipes.

Take deadlines seriously
Freelancers may experience delivery delays, which has an impact on their future assignments. Avoid taking on additional orders if you believe you can’t handle a lot of work at once. Never keep your current customers waiting only to bring in new ones. Old clients are valuable because they will recommend your services to others. Reject any projects you believe won’t be finished in the allotted period. Accept the task that you feel you can handle, but avoid overloading yourself with work that will harm both your job and your health.

Bottom line

Because there are so many resources available online to assist people in producing money online, doing so is not difficult. But working as a freelance writer is not a bad choice if you want to develop a career and have decent credentials. You might succeed in this career if you believe you have the ability to hold your audience’s interest.

The Prevalence of Mental Health Issues in Students,Teachers, and Educational Business Leaders

There have been several studies that have analyzed mental health issues amongst all personnel in the field of education, from students to teachers to the heads of educational institutions. This article examines 6 of these past studies and then describes the study conducted by the author to see what type of mental health issues prevail in educational institutions.


The purpose of the review of literature and study that was conducted was to see what the most prevalent mental health issue is amongst people in the field of education and how it affects work/study performance


The findings of five academic articles were examined for this study, as well as the study conducted by the author that consisted of a survey composed of six questions that received 62 responses.


The six academic articles that were examined for this study show that the most prevalent mental health issue amongst students and educators is depression, especially in pre-clinical medical students and heads of educational institutions. The study conducted by the author had the same finding, with 41/62 ( 66.1%) individuals in the study claiming depression/ anxiety or major depressive disorder as their mental health issue. Additionally, the study conducted found that 31/62 (50%) of participants claim that their mental health issues have both helped and hurt their study/work performance, and that 21/62 (33.8%)think their issues benefit their performance.


Findings suggest that mental health issues prevail amongst medical students compared to students studying any other field, that teachers had a significant raise in mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic, that the most prevalent mental health issue amongst students, educators, and educational business leaders is depression, and that most individuals in the study conducted by the author feel their mental health issue in someway helps their work or study performance .


Over the past century, the rise in mental illness amongst the population has skyrocketed (Stolzer, 2016). There have been several studies to determine what has caused such a dramatic rise, with the conclusion being that it is due to the rise in the amount of pressure in school and work that individuals face today compared to the past. As someone who has worked closely in the field of education for the past 15 years, the author decided to analyze past studies that have been conducted on the mental health of students and teachers, and conduct her own study on what types of mental illnesses are prevailing amongst educators, teachers, and educational business leaders.


The study conducted had the purpose of identifying what type of mental health issues are most prevalent amongst those in the field of education (students, teachers, and educational business owners) and whether or not these issues helped or hurt their study/work performance.


Knowledge of the Issue

In order to obtain knowledge of the issue, the author first analyzed past studies that have been conducted on similar research questions, which she did by analyzing 6 studies. The first study conducted by Cuttilan et,al (2016) studied the mental health issues amongst students and after a case analysis of 1,033 students, it was found that depression is high amongst students studying medicine, with an astounding high percentage of those in pre-clinical studies diagnosed with depression. Castaldelli (2019) found that amongst medical students, drug and alcohol abuse were a lot more common compared to students studying other fields, females in the field experienced heavy psychological stress, and that males had a high incidence of mental illness. Seth (2016) studied a sample of 60 secondary school teachers and found a significant percentage with mental health issues. Tai (2019) found that amongst educators in Malaysia, up to 25% suffered from stress. Palma-Vasquez (2021) found that in 58% of the teachers in Chile, especially during the switch to telework due to COVID-19, mental health was poor. Finally, Harvard Business School (2022) described that leaders in all sectors report mental health issues: 80% of executives reported struggles in 2020 and 38% of those turned to drugs or alcohol to cope.

Conducted Study

The author designed a survey to establish what mental health issues were common amongst educational stakeholders, which was answered by 62 colleagues, friends, and past students who have worked or studied in different educational institutions in North America, and that the author knew had mental health struggles. The survey was created on Google Docs so that answers could remain anonymous, since there is still a stigma around mental health and most responses wished to be kept anonymous. The survey was composed of six questions: 1. What is your diagnosed mental illness ? 2. What is your highest level of education? 3. What is your occupation? 4. What was your G.P.A in your last completed course of study? 5. Do you feel your mental health issue has affected you in a positive or negative way? 6. Please elaborate on your answer to question 5.


In the survey conducted, 41/62 ( 66.1%) individuals (students, teachers, tutors, and leaders in educational institutions) in the study claimed depression/ anxiety or major depressive disorder as their diagnosed mental health issue., followed by 10/62 (16.1%) with diagnosed Bipolar II Disorder, 10/62 (16.1%) with Diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and 1/62 (1.6%) with addiction problems. 41/62 participants (66.1%) have a college degree, and 51/62 (82.2%) obtained over a 3.0 GPA in their last course of study. Additionally, the study conducted found that 31/62 (50%) of participants claim that their mental health issues have both helped and hurt their study/work performance, and that 21/62 (33.8%) think their issues benefit their performance. Below are some of the responses obtained when asking to elaborate on how the individual felt their mental illness helped or hurt them:

“Before I received treatment, my mental illnesses were harmful to my performance because they made it almost impossible for me to believe in myself or to feel worthy. I always felt broken or like a victim. After years of receiving various treatments for my mental illnesses and healing from traumas, I know that having those challenges not only brought me to what I do in my life now, which I love, but also gave me a perspective that would inspire my creative work and allow me to connect more deeply with myself, my clients and students, and humans in general. I also consider the self-awareness and compassion I have learned from having mental illness to be a gift that helps me to release what does not serve me and focus my energy on bringing in what does.”

“Somedays its hard to focus. Other days im stronger because of everything I’ve been through. Its a balancing act. Learning to understand hard days happen but aren’t the end of everyday.”

“ I always get up stronger after a depressive episode”


An analysis of the findings from this study conclude that depression is the most common mental health issue amongst educational stakeholders, and that a majority of those who responded feel that their mental illness helps them in some way. The conclusion after analysing past studies on the issue is that mental health problems are most common amongst medical students and business leaders, including owners of educational institutions.

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